Jumat, 13 Februari 2015

Super Pricey Apartments In New York

In this gimmick we are going to America's 'Enormous Apple' to examine ten extravagance cushions in New York City for rent. You may swoon at the sumptuous formats and originator furniture, however not half as much as you will swoon at the stickers! Pictures obligingness of Corcoran

Tipping the scales at a huge $50,000 every month, this vision in white is a prewar penthouse duplex that has been changed over by widely acclaimed London-based engineer John Pawson. The moderate abiding is sharp yet downplayed in its unadulterated d├ęcor, giving a minute of quiet inside the heart of the huge city.

This $45,000 every month apartment suite on Lincoln Square is a 5 room present day space with carpet to roof windows with a display of Central Park, the Hudson and East Rivers, GW Bridge, the Midtown Skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

Our next offered condo timekeepers up $12500 every month on the Upper West side of New York. Revamped by Architectural Digest distributed engineer Michael Johnston, this brilliant inner part has a vast front room that opens out to a classy fitted kitchen with European cabinetry. Oversized windows let common daylight highlight the planner furniture and a fantastic piano

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